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Flexible plastic hoses

Recently we started producing plastic flexible hoses, especially for vacuum cleaners, and other similar products that can be made in the extrusion process.

We can made and offer hoses that are:

  • available in standard colours: grey, black, or silver, of course the mix and the shade of the colour are prepared according to the producer's demands

  • made of appropriate mixture of plastic materials: from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polyethylene (PE) and colour – this mixture of materials gives the product extraordinary mechanical and useful characteristics

  • flexible, compressible, and resistant against deformation

  • made according to producer's demands in terms of extensibility and resistance

  • upon the producer's request, different accessories are available

  • accessories are ergonomically designed and pleasant to the touch

Dimensions of the hoses:

  • standard diameters: 32, 36, 45, 50 mm

  • diameters available upon order up to 80 mm

  • different lengths: from 1 m up to 10 m


Draft of the hose for vacuum cleaners:

Our hoses will become the number one choice for producers in floor care industry and other similar industries. We can produce hoses that will be designed with care and therefore easily adjustable on your existing vacuum cleaners and other equipment.

Price per piece depends on the diameter and length of the hose, the material used, the production process as well as on the quantity ordered. Samples of the hoses we already produced are available upon request.

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