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Machine manufacture

Some of the activities of our company PRI-OR KR d.o.o. are the development, planning and production of machines, devices and tools. We can provide you with:

  • the planning and constructing of machinery, tools and devices for metal processing industry and other industries

  • the production of tools and devices (thermoplastics and tools for metal transformation and redesign)

  • technical consulting for production of such tools and devices

  • searching for and introducing solutions to the production processes

  • improvements in technological production processes

  • the development of new products

  • the introduction of new products into serial production.

We can produce different purpose-made machines according to our client’s demands and needs. With every machine, we prepare all the necessary technical documentation and technological documentation of the processes as well. After installation of the machine in client's production plant we test flawlessness of the machine operation and we carry out special training of workers and other direct users of the machine.

We are recognized as a flexible company. At work we cooperate with different external collaborators – professionals on different areas. If necessary, we give our best to find solution for your problem also with their professional help. While planning and producing machinery and other devices we use reliable solutions and also innovative measures, however; we always use high quality materials that ensure a reliable operation of the machine.

Machines and devices are produced on prior order and according to the needs of the client – they can be made also according to preliminary technical documentation of the client.

For more information about our offer and experiences we are always available on You can write to us on this address in case of enquiry, if you are only interested in how we would solve your problem in the production process, or if you need a piece of advice.

PRI-OR KR d.o.o.
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